Faith 💙 female, age 5- ( born 3/2015) arrived 1 year at scooby (on feb/14/2019 on “Valentine’s ❤️ Day”) available

Photo Aug/25/2019 : “FAITH, such a sweetheart, just wants to give love and loves to be cuddled ”

Photo Aug/20/2019 : MORI ( black & white, female, chip 5486, born 7/12/2017 ) – LENA (in the middle/ adopted ) – FAITH (on the right / still available )

Photo July/15/2019 update from Ana Merino : “FAITH, gentle and quiet girl”

Photo Aug/5/2019  “ARUNA ( on the left / adopted)   and FAITH ( on the right ) 2 wonderful, very sweet Black Beauties

Photo June/24/2018 update from Ana Merino : “Faith,  asking for some love …”

Photo May/13/2019 :  “FAITH, loves attention and loves to be cuddled ”

Photo May/18/2019 ” SAMIRA (on the left/ adopted)- ARUNA (in the middle/adopted) – FAITH (on the right)

Photo April/13/2019  : FAITH, was playing in the paddock

FAITH,  a very unhappy girl;  was left behind in the shelter…the poor Angel  did not unstand why …




FAITH is an almost 5 year old Galga ( Born 3/16/2015 ) She arrived on Feb/14/2019 ( on Valentine’s ❤️ Day )
She was brought in and left by the Galguero (Salamanca) Not useful for hunting, racing or breeding anymore…
The poor girl did not understand why she was left behind in the shelter…it made her very unhappy
And she is such an adorable, lovely, affectionate, quiet, gentle, little  sweetheart ; just wants to give love and loves to be cuddled
A very pretty little Black Beauty
Social and good with other dogs
Faith is very much in need of a loving Home ( was on hold from Dec/3/2019 -Jan/30/2020 ) now available again

Chip: 941000017912215
Location: Paddock 4
Color: Black
Heigth: 65 cm
Not traumatized
With female dogs***
With male dogs***