! Chip 0658, female, age 6.5+( born 6/2012)( oldest Galga ) 1 month at scooby ( since Feb/2019 ) available

Galga chip 0658, sweet lovely quiet good girl ; social with the other dogs ; at her age in need of a comfortable warm loving home

Photo March/17/2019

Photo Feb/24/2019 update from Ana merino : ” gentle and quiet old lady ”

Galga chip 0658, is a 6.5+ year old girl ( Born 6/15/2012)She arrived at Scooby on feb/13/2019 ; from Pesquera de Duero (Valladolid)
She is a sweet, lovely, gentle, quiet, good girl
Social with the other dogs
This sweet girl is in need of a comfortable, warm loving Home, finally..

Chip: 900176000150658
Location:Paddock 1
Color: Brindle
Height: 70 cm
Not traumatized
With female dogs***
With male dogs***