! Zeus, mastin-X, age 2 ( born Dec/20/2017 ) 13 months at Scooby ( since dec/27/ 2017) (urgent need) available

Photo Nov/10/2019

Video August/14/ 2019

Photo Aug/2019 :  ZEUS and Ana Merino ;  he is starting to love attention and cudles

Photo July/19/2019 Update from Ana Merino : ” big boy ZEUS is starting to trust in people ”

Photo July/21/2019 :  ” 3 “Forgotten”  Mastins (mix)  :  ZEUS  and ( sister & bother  GRETELHANSEL) want to go Home so very much… they have been in the shelter  been too long now…”

Photo June/27/2019 update from Ana Merino : ” ZEUS seems to understand what I´m telling him ”


Photo may/26/2019 Update from Ana Merino: ” relaxing ZEUS ”

Photo June/11/2019 : HANSEL(against the wall) – ZEUS(in the front) – Big DOKI (in the middle)

Photo April/19/2019 update from Ana Merino : ” Handsome Mastin-boy ”

Photo March/6/2019 update from Ana merino : ” Shy big boy ZEUS ”


CANICACELESTESHEINADANKOZEUSPETETE when they arrived at Scooby ( on Dec/27/2017) as 6 little puppies with their mummy

ZEUS, is a 2 year young Mastin-X , boy ( Born 12/20/2017 ) he arrived at Scooby on Dec/27/2017 ; From Alba de Tormes ( Salamanca)
He came to Scooby as a 1 week young puppy, together with his 5 brothers and sisters: Danko-Petete-Celeste-Canica-Sheina ( past away) then he was adopted, but after a while the owners decided they did not want him anymore and brought him back to Scooby …
Zeus is a sweet good boy but a bit shy boy ( socialized**)
A very handsome boy
He is social with the other dogs and loves playing with them
ZEUS has spend almost his whole life in the shelter now…, first he was adopted, than he was returned and is still waiting since than,for someone he really would love him…this is so sad for ZEUS…the poor boy is in urgent need of a loving Home now…plaese help ZEUS

Update Nov/10/2019 : Pour Zeus, he was adopted once, but later returned to Scooby… he needs a little time to trust someone

Update Aug/14/2019 from Ana Merino : “ZEUS arrived at Scooby when he was just 1 week young; that was December/2017, so he is almost 2 years old now. ZEUS is a mastin-mix; a big and strong handsome boy. Active, intelligent, curious and sometimes a bit “naughty” (he steals things to play with ). Very sociable; he loves living with other dogs. Shy with people; he needs time to trust in someone but once he does, it is forever. They were 6 puppies (Danko-Petete-Celeste-Canica and ZEUS are still here; Sheina died😔)ZEUS is the most friendly of all. Maybe because he was adopted (for a short period but he was returned to the shelter…) so he had some contact with humans.  ZEUS is looking for the right family: experienced, patient and much, much loving

Update July/19/2019 from Ana Merino : ” big boy ZEUS is starting to trust in people again ”

Chip: 981020000348816
Breed: x- Mastin
Color: Brindle
Height: 70 cm
Socialized **
Not traumatized
With female dogs ***
With male dogs ***
Location: Scooby / Garden ( Palencia)