Ramon, male, age 3.5 ( Born 9/2016 ) 8 months at Scooby ( since Aug/2018) available

RAMON, wonderful boy; very handsome; very sweet loving calm boy with all people; social and good with the other dogs; just a beautiful boy in need of a Home too…

update April/18/2019 from Ana merino: ” There are many words to describe this boy: happy, secure, friendly, affectionate…But if I had to choose one it would be sociable. RAMÓN is nice with males, females, galgos, mastins, little dogs…He looks for his friends to play, to sleep with. He never gets angry with them and he welcomes the new ones. Sometimes lazy but most of the time playful and active.  Who wants this perfect boy?

RAMON wants to go Home, so very badly …please

Video 2019

Photo Feb/24/2019 “Gorgeous boy ”

Photo April/17/2019 ” Good night from : MORO (chip 2185)- RAMON( in the middle) – PLUTON ”

Photo Jan/28/2019 “RAMON, very clever, curious boy…”

Photo Dec/18/2018   “RAMON,  a wonderful boy ”

Photo Jan/16/2019       ”  HODOR ( on the left)  – RAMON  –  SARABI ( in the back) ”

RAMON very social with the Mastins

Photo Dec/12/2018 update from Ana merino : ” RAMON and SARABI enjoying the blankets on a cold day… ”

Photo Oct/15/2018 “RAMON, very social with all the other Galgos ”  :    TOTTO ( on the left/ adopted)   ESTRELLA( black/ adopted)   BANDIDO( Brown/ Reserved) and  RAMON ( on the right) ”

Photo Sept/ 30/2018      “RAMON and  BANDIDO ( reserved )

When RAMON arrived at Scooby on Aug/14/2018

RAMON is a 3.5 year young Galgo (Born 9/2016) He arrived at Scooby on August/14/2018
Ramon is a very sweet, loving boy with all people. Curious boy; very happy for some attention and cuddles
He is social and good with the other dogs
Just a wonderful boy, who is very much in need of a Home too…

Chip: 941000023082144
Color: Brindle
Location: Paddock 2
Not Traumatized
With male dogs***
With female dogs***