Petete, mastin, male, age 2 ( Born Dec/20/2017) 2 years at Scooby ( since Dec/27/2017) ( urgent need)available

Photo Aug/13/2019 update from Ana Merino : ” PETETE, almost 2 years here…”

Photo July/8/2019

Photo Dec/20/2018 ” Wonderful boy ”

Photo Jan/28/2019
video April/2019

Photo Dec/20/2018

PETETEZEUSDANKOCELESTECANICASHEINA when they arrived at Scooby ( on Dec/27/2019 )  as 6 little puppies with their mommy

PETETE is a 2 year young Mastin, boy ( Born Dec/20/2017 ) Arrived at Scooby on Dec/27/2017 ; from Alba de Tormes
He arrived at Scooby together with his 5 brothers and sisters (just 1 week old puppies) : DANKO -ZEUS – CELESTE – CANICA and ( SHEINA /past away)
Petete is a very sweet boy; he is timid/insecure and needs some time to trust people
Social and good with the other dogs
PETETE is a very handsome brindle boy
He is waiting in the shelter all his life…; he is very much in need of a Home…please

Update April/13/2019 What can I say about you Petete….
I have no words to express how much I wish you had the chance of someone taking you home. A house with a garden, so that little by little, without rush and leaving you space, so as not to be overwhelmed, they would gain your trust. Perhaps a friend, a more balanced dog, could help you, in the same way they help you your kennel mates, Logan and Eddar. I’m sure that you’d do it little one, but of course this is just a dream …
We will not give up Petete, we will continue fighting to make this dream come true, and if we believe in it, one day it surely will! 😊

Update Jan/29/2019 from Ana Merino: “Shy Mastins in need…” PETETE-ZEUS-DANKO-CELESTE-CANICA-SHEINA arrived at Scooby, when they had just been born; Now they are big boys and girls; a bit timid and insecure with people but friendly with the other dogs.
PETETE needs a home!
video April/2019

Chip: 981020000348772
Breed: Mastin
Color: Brindle
Socialized ***
Not traumatized
With female dogs***
With Male dogs***
Location: Paddock 4B

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