Haleon, male age 4.5+ ( born 6/2014) 9 months at Scooby ( Since July/2018) ( in need ) available

HALEON, adorable sweetheart ; very much overseen boy ; balanced calm loving gentle big boy; happy character; loves all people; social and good with all other dogs;  will make a wonderful family member( without cats)

Photo April/4/2019 “Wonderful, Beautiful boy… still waiting…”

Photo April/2/2019

Photo March/1/2019 update from Ana merino : ” so handsome!!!! big boy HALEON

Photo March/12/2019 Paddock 8-F Mimo, Choiva, Chiquita(chip 8481), Saturnino are adopted/reserved ; But HALEON ( blue coat) has to stay behind… , he is still available…

Photo Dec/9/2018       ”  such a sweetheart  ”

Photo Feb/10/2019 HALEON (blue coat) and SALVA ( red coat/ reserved) ) are best  friends, but Salva has to stay behind…

Photo Jan/16/2019 ” Big wonderful HALEÓN ”

Photo Dec/9/2018  ” So happy with his stuffed animal  ”

Photo Nov /25/ 2018    ” Handsome boy ”

Photo Nov/4/22018     ” Lovely boy ”

Photo Oct/14/2018      ” Adorable Boy ”

Photo Dec/25/2018 ( Christmas 2018)   The whole group is adopted/reserved  but HALEON ( light-blue coat) has to stay behind….

ARES ( brindle Galgo /on the left / adopted)   CHOIVA (black Galga / pink coat/ reserved) –     SATURNINO ( brindle Galgo /no coat / on the right/ reserved)    SALVA ( red – coat /  in the back/ reserved)

Photo Nov/8/2018      ” CHOIVA (pink coat)     HALEON (light-blue coat)    SATURNINO (dark-blue coat)    ARES (adopted)   SALVA (yellow-coat /in the back ) ”

Photo Oct/18/2018     ” PIRATA (on the left/ adopted)      SATURNINO (in the middle/ resreved)   HALEON ( on the right) ”

Haleon is a 4.5+ Galgo ( born 06/22/2014 ) he arrived at Scooby on July/12/2018 ; from Toledo
He is the sweetest boy ! A balanced, loving, affectionate, gentle, calm and social boy. He has a cheerful, happy character, wagging his tail when you enter his paddock. He loves cuddling and is so adorable happy with his toys
He is social and good with the other dogs ( males and females)
Cattest: he had a strong interest in the cats
On the leash he is sure of himself , relaxed and has a great curiosity to explore the surrounding environment outside the paddock
He is a very handsome boy with his adorable grayish face
Haleon is just an adorable sweetheart

Update march/12/2019 :  HALEON has to stay behind again…(see photo March/12/2019 )( Photo feb/10/2019 )( photo Dec/25/2018)( Photo Oct/18/2019) he needs a home too…

Chip: 941000018576249
Location: Paddock 8-F
Color: Black
Height: 75 cm
Not traumatized
With female dogs***
With male dogs***
Cattest: has shown a strong interest in the cats