Chip 2334, Galga, female, age 4.5+ (Born 6/2014) 4 months at Scooby ( since Oct/2018) ( In need of a home ) available

Galga ( chip 2334) is a sweetie; bit sensitive girl; overwhelmed by shelter- life ; she is in need of a home

Galga ( Chip 2334) is 4.5+ years old (Born 6/3/2014) She arrived at Scooby/ Garden on Oct/2/2018
Sweet girl; sensitive girl; the poor girl is totally overwhelmed being in the shelter… all those dogs, all the noise ; She is very much in need of a Home

Chip: 941000023192334
Location: Scooby Palencia ( Garden )
Color: Dark-brindle
Not traumatized
With female dogs***
With male dogs***