Capri, male, age 3 (Born 12/2015) 9 months at Scooby ( since May/2018) available

CAPRI, adorable boy; with sweet curious smart character; affectionate with all people; social and happy with his paddock friends ; very handsome pretty big boy

Photo Oct/2/2018     ” very Curious  smart  boy ”

Photo Jan/7/2019 ” just an adorable  boy ”

Photo Dec/4/2018  “CAPRI ( dark-brindle ) and FLECHA ( light- brindle )  2 handsome, big, very big boys ”

Photo Dec/9/2018    “Big CAPRI and little CANDACE ( adopted)

Photo Sept/16/2018 ” CAPRI ( in the front) – CANDACE ( on the left/adopted) – NUKA( light -brindle /on the right) ”

When CAPRI arrived at Scooby on May/03/2018

CAPRI is a 3 year old Galgo ( born 12/10/2015 ) He arrived at scooby on May/03/2018 ; From La Yosa (Valladolid)
Capri is a sweet big boy; very curious, smart boy ; affectionate with all people
Capri is social and friendly with the other dogs.
Capri is a very elegant handsome, pretty boy with his dark-brindle coat

Chip: 941000018971637
Location: Paddock 5
Color: Dark-Brindle
Height: big seize Galgo
Not traumatized
With female dogs***
With male dogs***