Tyson, mastin, male, age 7.5 (Born 10/2011)( Scoobys oldest mastin) 8 months at Scooby ( since Sept/2018) (urgent / priority to leave the shelter), available

TYSON, sad, lonely “ICE BEAR” ; loving sweet with the people he knows; very grateful for some cuddles; active , curious , very friendly with people ; loving big Mastin; at his age he is in urgent need of a Home

Ana Merino has just given him some treats

Photo April/9/2019 update from Ana Merino : ” TYSON, Scooby oldest Mastin(born 2011)

Photo April/21/2019 CANICA ( on the left) and TYSON ( on the right) want to go Home …

TYSON and ERIN (female, Brindle Mastin, born 10/05/2017, chip 4605 )

Photo Nov/13/2018

When TYSON arrived at Scooby on April/12/2018

TYSON is a 7.5 year old Mastin male (Born 10/2011) He arrived at Scooby on Sept/12/2018; From Ciudad Rodrigo (Salamanca).
Tyson looks like is a big loving “ICE BEAR” . He is active and curious , very friendly with people and very grateful for some cuddles and attention.
Tyson is a bit sad, a lonely boy, it would be so much better for Tyson to live in a loving Home
He is good with the other female dog whom he is living with. With male dogs he is not tested yet (on request)
Tyson is very much in need of a Home at his age

Update Jan/10/2019 from Ana merino : ” TYSON and ERIN, the giant couple ”
TYSON is 7.5 years old and ERIN (brindle Mastin ) just 2 years old. Happy Erin makes Tyson feel young again.They didn´t like each other much when they first met. Now they do;life is more funny if you have someone to play with! But not to eat with; food is something they won´t share. Both, ERIN and TYSON, are active and curious and very friendly with people, loving big Mastins!!

Chip: 941000023191909
Breed: Mastin
Color: White
Location: paddock-3
Not traumatized
Good With female dogs***
With male dogs: not tested yet ( on request)
With Cats: Not tested yet ( On request)