Sun, male, age 3.5+ (Born 5/2015) 10 months at Scooby ( since May/2018 )( in need ) available

SUN, such a loving boy ; lived a difficult life , therefore a bit insecure but such a very loving sweet gentle grateful boy ; calm quiet character; social and good with the other dogs; very much deserving of a Home
Update Ana Merino Jan/16/2019 : “Too much love to give…. ”

Photo March/10/1019 “very very loving, calm, quiet SUN ”

Photo Jan/16/2018 update from Ana merino: SUN (Red coat/ in the front ) and LAGARTIJA (light-blue coat) ” too much love to give: SUN and LAGARTIJA (female) ”

Photo Feb/16/2019 update from Ana merino : ” SUN, a very handsome (and gentle) boy ”

Photo Nov/23/2018 “SUN, very handsome, elegant, gentle boy”

Photo Dec/12/2018      ”  TORMENTA (female, born 4/1/2015, on the left)  SUN (with the red coat / on the right)  ”

Photo Oct/6/2018      “Chip 7653/ adopted , on the left) and  (SUN /on the right)

Photo Sept/11/2018 ” only Brindles ”  SUN ( on the right)

This is how SUN arrived at Scooby on May/3/2018

SUN is a 3.5+ year old Galgo (Born 5/8/2015) He came to Scooby on May/3/2018
When Sun came in he was in a poorly state; from the look of him he must have lived a difficult life ; badly taken care of, poor boy…
SUN is just a bit insecure at first, but he is such a very sweet, loving, very gentle boy. He has so much love to give and is so very grateful for some cuddles…
This lovely boy is so deserving  of a forever Home, where he could shine like the sun, finally…

Chip: 941000014790208
Location: Paddock 3
Color: Brindle
Not traumatized
Wth female dogs***
With male dogs***