Salva, male, age 2 (Born 9/2016) 10 months at Scooby ( since March/2018) available

SALVA, perfect boy; sweet gentle calm loving happy very good boy; loves cuddles; loves all people; very handsome; very social good with the other dogs; will be a wonderful family member
Update Dec/16/2018 from Ana Merino: ” friendly, affectionate, kind…perfect Galgo SALVA ūüėć !!!! ”

Photo Dec/16/2018 update from Ana Merino: ” friendly, affectionate,kind…perfect!!!! ”

Photo Dec/25/2018  In the back: HALEON (on the left) -SALVA (red coat on the right) and in the front : ARES (on the  left) РCHOIVA (in the  middle) РSATURNINO (on the right)

Photo Oct/9/2018 ” loving good boy”

Photo Aug/2/2018¬† ” very calm , handsome boy ”

Photo Nov/1/2018 ” Gentle , sweet¬† boy ”

Photo Nov/8/2018 “CHOIVA( in the front)_-HALEON_-SATURNINO_-ARES_-SALVA( in-the-back) ”

Photo Aug/25/2018 ” Social boy in the middle between his friends ”¬† (¬†MORO-MORO-SALVA( in the middle)-LINCE-LINDO )

When SALVA arrived at Scooby  on March/6/2018

SALVA is a 2+ year young Galgo ( Born Sept/12/2016 ) He came to Scooby on March/6/2018
Salva is a very sweet, gentle, calm, loving, happy, very good boy. He loves all people; He loves lots of cuddles
Salva is very social and very good with all the other dogs.
Salva is very handsome
He is just a perfect boy !
Salva will be a wonderful family member

Chip: 981098106536271
Color: Black
Location: Paddock 8-F
Not Traumatized
With female dogs***
With male dogs***