Navarro, male, age 4 ( Born 2015) 13 months at Scooby ( since Feb/2018) available

Dearest NAVARRO, sweet angel; saved from the Perrera… ; very loving adorable boy; bit insecure with strange people but so very grateful for some love and cuddles; other dogs make him feel safe; gorgeous boy , too long in the shelter, so very much in need and deserving of a loving Home

NAVARRO is a 4 year old Galgo (Born 2015) He came to Scooby on February/24/2018
Navarro was saved by Scooby from Jerez de la Frontera…this poor boy must have lived a very difficult life of mistreat…
Poor Navarro was very scared  when he was saved from the Perrera in Feb/2018, but now he dares to come to you, very hesitant still, but when he trusts you a bit he loves being petted. He has to be with other dogs, they are his safe point and make him much more comfortable.
Gentle, softhearted  Navarro is so very sweet and loving once he knows you. A Gorgeous boy!!
Navarro is such a handsome boy; very elegant, not big, very fine build
Dear Navarro is so very much in need and so very deserving of a loving Home ( Navarro is 1 out of 4 “Most Forgotten Galgos”)

Color: Light-brown ( Camel)
Height: not big
Location: Scooby /Residencia
With female dogs***
With male dogs***