Jimena, female, age 3-( Born 2/2016) 11 months at Scooby ( since Feb/2018) available

JIMENA, lately an unhappy sad lonely girl; very sweet loving girl; Shelter-life is difficult on Jimena ; very much in need of a Home

Photo Nov/30/2018  “Lately very unhappy, lonely and sad JIMENA” (JIMENA and NENA were good friends, now NENA is adopted,  JIMENA  had to stay behind and misses her friend so very much)

JIMENA ( on the right) and NENA (on the left/ adopted) were best friends, NENA left…

Photo Dec/30/2018  “ROKO (on the left / male, born 1/1/2016, chip 9532) and JIMENA

Photo Oct/27/2018 ” RONA( Light-brown)-JIMENA( 2nd from the left)-MAXI-NENA (on the right/ adopted)”

Photo Sept/14/2018

Photo Sept/2/2018 “YING( black & white Galgo) – RONA-….- NENA (Black Galga /adopted)-JIMENA ( on the right)

Photo aug/23/2018

When JIMENA just arrived at scooby on feb/9/2018

JIMENA is an almost 3 year young Galga ; Born 2/12/2016. She came to Scooby on Feb/9/2018
Jimena , is a very sweet girl; she is social, serene, loving and affectionate. She loves cuddles and attention, but she is also independent, on her own again.
In the paddock she is calm, and peaceful with the other dogs, never giving any problems. She is an easy girl.
On the leash she is sure of herself, not afraid of anything, she walks well and is interested in her surroundings.
Cattest: Not good with cats
Jimena is a very pretty girl with her wonderful very dark-brindle coat, looks almost black.
Lately she is sad, unhappy and lonely ( see photo Nov/30/2018) Her best friend NENA is adopted (Nov/2018) and JIMENA had to stay behind.
Jimena is very much in need of a loving Home

Chip: 941000019928115
Color: very Dark-Brindle
Height: medium -seize
Location: Paddock 8-B
Not Traumatized
With female dogs***
With male dogs***
Cattest: Not With Cats