! Ying, male, age 5- (Born 5/2014) 14 months at Scooby (since Feb/2018) ( Most forgotten Galgo) (in urgent need of a Home) available

YING, sweet handsome boy; still a bit insecure but it takes only a short time to come to you for some cuddles; very much in need of a home
Update from Ana merino March/6/2019 : He can be the most loving boy but…he is terrified of the leash.
If you try to put the leash on him, and he does not know you, he will probably try to bite you. But he is not an aggressive dog, not at all, he is just too scared!!
If he knows you and you approach him slowly and with soft words he will let you put the leash on him and he will follow you.
YING needs, really needs a home. With not too many dogs who will stress him and with a patient family, very patient. There must be someone, please, he can´t stay here forever!

Video March/6/2019

Photo April/15/2019 YING and BANDIDO / adopted in the USA)

Photo March/20/2019 update from Ana merino: ” Spring is here! No more coat for YING! ”

Photo April-5-2019 PIP(on the left) – BIRD- RUBINO(in the middle)- YING- BANDIDO(on the right)

Photo Feb/21/2019update from Ana merino : ” YING (in Scooby since February 2018…) can be the most loving boy; Hope Ying finds a home… he is a special dog with special needs

Photo Jan/5/2019

Photo Nov/20/2018   “Lovely  boy”

Beautiful boy

YING Loves attention

Treat time

Photo Sept/23/2018 ” adorable boy”

Photo Sept/2/2018     “YING( on the left) – RONA(adopted)- ROKO(reserved)- NENA(adopted)- JIMENA(adopted)”

When YING arrived at Scooby on February/9/2018

Ying is an almost 5 year old Galgo (Born 5/5/2014) He came to Scooby (with his sister YANG /adopted) after the hunting season, on Feb/9/2018
When he arrived he was very intimidated and suspicious of people. Now in the paddock he is social, he comes to you for greetings, treats and cuddles. He is a cute boy, loves biscuits and attention, he is funny and cheerful when he takes a little’ confidence and starts to jump around you.
Ying is very handsome black beauty
He is social and good with the other dogs ( males and females) it makes him feel safe being between them.
In the past he definitely had an experience that traumatized him because trying to walk him on a leash changed him completely. His gaze was paralyzed, the tail between his legs, as if he were expecting some kind of ugly thing from the rope that felt around his neck … in the paddock he made a few steps but he was very tense for all the time he was on the leash.
He just needs lots of patience and love to gain his confidence and than he will learn to walk on the leash too
Ying is in need of someone who is willing to give him all the time and the help he needs, this sweet boy deserves it all! ideal for him would be a Home with another Galgo to make him feel safe

update Feb/21/2019 from Ana merino : ” YING (in Scooby since February 2018…) can be the most loving boy; Hope Ying finds a home… he is a special dog with special needs

Chip: 981020000348752
Color: Black and white
Height : 70 cm
Location: Paddock 8-B
With female dogs***
With male dogs***