Tukito, male , age 3- ( born 1/2016) 11 months at Scooby ( since Jan/2018 ) Available

TUKITO, loving affectionate sweet boy; calm gentle balanced character; social playful with the other dogs; good on the leash; Cattest: showed NO interest in the Cats ; very easy boy ; would be a perfect first adoption and a wonderful family member

Photo Dec/4/2018

Photo Nov/20/2018 “Dearest TUKITO ”

Photo Dec/1/2018 Goognight from paddock – I
”  TUKITO( on the left)  TRIXA ( black&white female, born 5/9/2016, in the middle) MAILON (white/sand male, born 9/8/2013, on the right)

Photo Aug/17/2018  “Please take me Home ”

Photo Oct/30/2018

Photo Aug/23/2018   “Dear TUKITO”

TUKITO was bitten by the stronger dogs, poor TUKITO… he did not understand why, he just wanted to play with them…

Surper sweet, gentle boy

TUKITO on the left

TUKITO very social between all his friends

TUKITO loves Playing

Photo July/27/2018  “TUKITO was promised to get a larger pool ”

Photo July/29/2018    And here is is !

TUKITO is an almost 3 year old Galgo (Born 1/2016) He arrived at Scooby on January/27/2018; From Murcia
Tukito, very elegant, handsome boy with adorable, lovely grayish face
Tukito is a very loving, affectionate sweet boy, with a calm character; he loves human contact , without being intrusive. Tukito is well balanced and social with all people.
Poor Tukito was badly bitten on his right side when he was living in the small paddock. He is a very social boy and just wanted to play with the other dogs. He did not understand why… Now he lives well with females and male dogs.
On the leash he follows without fear, and not ever pulling.
Cattest: he showed NO interest in the cats
Dear TUKITO would be a perfect first adoption; he is just a wonderful boy

Chip: 981020000348181
Location: Paddock 1
Color: Black
Height: 70 cm ( mid- seize)
Socialized ***
Not Traumatized
With female dogs***
With male dogs***