Tigra, female, age 3.5 (Born 6/2016) 8 months at Scooby ( since June/2018) available

Petite TIGRA, lovely girl; a bit shy/insecure, a bit fragile…little girl( 60 cm); sweet loving ; Shelter-life is difficult on her ; in need of a Home

Photo Feb/8/2019 update from Ana Merino: ” a bit shy ”

Photo Jan/9/2019 update from Ana Merino: ” Galguita TIGRA coming out of her house to say hello ”

Photo Dec/4/2018 “Pretty, little , girl”

Photo dec/12/2018 TIGRA (on the left) and SATURNINO ( 7 years old male, born 1/1/2012)

Photo Nov/23/2018 update from Ana Merino: “Tigra,  a bit shy, a bit fragile…

Photo Sept/9/2018  TIGRA feels safe in her doghouse

Photo Aug/21/2018  TIGRA , alone…Shelter-life it is difficult on her

TIGRA when she arrived at Scooby on June/13/2018

TIGRA is a 3.5 year young Galga ( Born 6/2016) She came to Scooby on June/13/2018
Petite Tigra is a small seize ( 60 cm ) little girl
Tigra is a bit shy girl, a bit fragile… Shelter-life is difficult on her. Tigra is in need of a Home

Chip: 941000022804383
Color: dark-Brindle
Height: small size, 60 cm
Location: Paddock 8-F
Not traumatized
With female dogs***
With male dogs***