Silver, female, age 6 (Born 10/2012)( Oldest Galga) 2 months at Scooby (since oct/2018) available

SILVER, adorable girl; very very sweet and gentle affectionate calm character; good with the other dogs; Shelter-life is very difficult on an older dog, Silver is in need of a Home before the cold freezing winter starts. update from Ana merino: “Sweet and gentle (very gentle)wonderful girl

Photo Nov/13/2018 Update Ana merino : “Sweet and gentle ( very gentle)wonderful girl

Photo Nov/8/2018

Nov/16/2018 SILVER has just arrived, poor girl she looks so unhappy…

SILVER is a 6 year old Galga (Born 10/2012) She came to Scooby on October/16/2018
Silver is a very pretty brindle girl, she is sweet, affectionate and calm; she is good with the other dogs
Shelter-life is very difficult on an older dog, especially in winter to keep warm.
After all those 6 years spending with the Galguero in bad conditions and in poor care, Silver is very much in need of a loving, comfortable Home, with a soft warm place to sleep, before the cold freezing winter starts.

Chip: 941000023192414
Location: Paddock 3
Color: Brindle
Height: 65-70 cm
Not traumatized
With female dogs***
With male dogs***

Golden Oldies
We are always very attentive of our older dogs. The circumstances in the Shelter like the cold weather in winter, the rain and the humidity, the very hot temperatures in Summer, the many many dogs and all the noise in the shelter can be overwhelming and very difficult on an older dog.
If you are thinking of taking a furry companion into your family, please consider adopting a senior, they will be so very grateful and will reward your generosity with lots of love ❤