Sereno, male, age 3 (Born 1/2016) 13 months at Scooby (since January/2018) available

SERENO, serene/calm boy; very sweet, gentle, soft character;very pretty with his long nose ; so very social with the other dogs that Sereno would be happier if there was another dog(s) in his forever Home; Cattest: OK
Update Jan/13/2019 soon Sereno has to stay behind, his friends are leaving… (Photo Jan/13/2019)

” PLEASE take me Home …”

photo Jan/13/2019 ” PRECIOSO( black galgo /adopted)-   SERENO (in the middle / available )  – CAPRI (on hold ) Soon Sereno has to stay behind … his friends are leaving

Cattest: SERENO and the cat -1

Cattest: SERENO and the cat -2

Photo Dec/23/2018 ” SERENO (on the left) and CAPRI ( female, born 8/2013) A wonderful couple ”

“Sweet boy, SERENO ”

Photo Dec/20/2018 “Happy SERENO”

Photo July/29/2018

Photo Oct/16/2018

Photo Sept/9/2018

Video Sept/2018

Please take me Home

When SERANO arrived on January/2018

SERENO is a 3 year young Galgo ( Born 1/2016) He came to Scooby on January/27/2018; from Murcia
“SERENO” in English means: serene/calm, and that is what SERENO is. He is a calm, serene boy, with a very  sweet, gentle character.
He has a very good and kind, happy, social character; he lives with some very lively Galgos, but generally he stays away when they start to go crazy.
With the people inside the paddock he is calm and affectionate, he loves contact , he is calm in his approaches. Does not jump but loves to gently nibble to express his affection!
On the leash, he did not want to leave his companions in the paddock, outside the paddock he continued to stop and look back .. Sereno would be happier in a family with another dog/dogs .
Sereno is an adorable, really lovely boy.

Chip: 981020000348100
Color: light-Brown
Height: 69-70 cm
Location: Paddock 7-4
Not Traumatized
With female dogs***
With Male dogs***
With Cats: cattest OK