Rubino, male, age 5.5+ (born 4/2013) 4 months at scooby ( since Oct/2018 ) (very much in need) Available

RUBINO; sad boy; probably lived a difficult life; underdog has been bitten very badly by the other dogs; moved to a different paddock; still shelter-life keeps difficult on him; very sweet boy in need of a Home

Photo Jan/20/2019 ” long nose RUBINO , poor boy wants to go Home so very badly…”

photo 1/1/2019 “wonderful boy”

Photo Dec/12/2018   update from Ana Merino :  I took this photo  this afternoon; RUBINO had arrived to his new paddock some minutes before. He was running and playing; happy as I have never seen him before !  ” and  he found a new friend already : KUMO ( brindle male, born 9/7/2016, on the left) ”

Rubino was bitten very badly and spend some time in the infirmary-paddock

When RUBINO arrived at Scooby on Oct/24/2018

RUBINO is a 5.5 year old Galgo ( Born 4/15/2013 ) He came to Scooby on Oct/24/2018 ; From Ávila.
Rubino is a sad boy; he is calm and very sweet and very loving;  from the look of Rubino he must have lived  a difficult life . Shelter-life is difficult on RUBINO
At first he keeps his distance but looks at you curiously, but than he is a loving and cuddly boy who does not want to let go of you…
Rubino is an underdog; he  has been attacked by the other dogs very badly, he had many injuries and was in the infirmary-paddock ; now  he is living in another paddock, with his new group, he is  feeling better now, but still remains sad …
Rubino is a large seize boy thin and slender , a very handsome boy
Cattest : he did not show any aggression towards the cats but the cattest was not conclusive because he was very distracted by the noises and the movements around him.
Rubino is very much in need of a loving home.

Chip: 941000015174415
Color: light-Brown
Height: 70 cm
Location: Paddock 7-1A
Not traumatized
With female dogs***
With male dogs***