Mantero, male, age 2.5 (Born 3/2016) 6 months at Scooby (since June/2018) urgent/priority to leave the shelter, available

MANTERO, sweet loving boy; the many scars on his poor body are the visible remains of life of mistreat/abuse before ! ; still maintained a good and confident soul; well balanced; good with the other dogs; good on the leash; Cattest: Ok ; in urgent of a loving home, finally

Photo Nov/3/2018 “Sweet dreams dear MANTERO, Hope you will find your loving Home soon sweetheart”

Photo Mantero and SERENITO (brindle male, born 6/14/2016) update Ana Merino: “Love these two ”

Poor boy….what have they done to you…

The look in his sad eyes tell you nothing good has happened in his life before…and still he is┬áhas maintained a good and confident soul. What a wonderful boy he is …


Photo Sept/19/2018

Photo Sept/19/2018 “MANTERO and SERENITO”

Between his friends ( Mantero on the right )

MANTERO is a 2.5 year young Galgo (Born 3/12/2016) He came to Scooby on June/13/2018; from Valladolid
The many scars on his poor body tell the story of his life of mistreat and abuse before ! ;
and despite everything he had to endure, Mantero has maintained a good and confident soul.
Mantero is a sweet, loving boy, with a gentle, calm and balanced character.
He is happy and social among his friends
When entering his paddock he shows no fear, he approaches with curiosity but without being intrusive. His attitude is rather resigned, of one who expects nothing and who has no claim. He appreciated the human contact.
On the leash he follows without ever pulling, proving to be sure of himself.
Cattest: OK with cats.
Mantero is in need of a special family that knows how to look beyond the outward appearance; only love and respect can cure the wounds of the body and soul of this young boy.

Chip: 941000019722173
Height : Medium -seize
Location: Paddock 5
Color: Black
Not traumatized
With female dogs***
With male dogs***
Cattest: OK