! Ramoncín, male, age 1.5+ year (born 9/2017) 10 months at Scooby ( since Aug/2018) ( urgent need !)Available

Ramoncin, adorable petite little boy ;sooo very sweet ; sometimes shy, mostly loving;  Ramoncín is very much in need of a home ( not as an only dog )

Update May/2019 : Now his best friend Ramón is adopted, Ramoncín has to stay behind again and again…He is so very much in need of a Home (with another dog or dogs to feel him safe)

Update April/30/2019 From Ana Merino: ” RAMONCÍN means “little Ramón”, because he is a little galgo boy (like his friend galgo Ramón but much smaller) Maybe because of his size he is a bit insecure, a bit shy and usually looks for the company (and protection) of the other dogs, both males and females. RAMONCÍN is very young, not even 2 years old and he is much playful; he enjoys running and chasing his friends and he loves toys. Even being timid he likes people and waggles his tail when he sees you; he likes being petted but slowly, quietly, comforting him. RAMONCÍN doesn´t need a big house, but yes a house with other dogs to help him trust in people. He is an adorable little guy!


Photo June/11/2019

Photo May/28/2019 “Lovely little boy”

Photo April/21/2019 update from Ana Merino: ” sometimes shy, sometimes loving”

Posted by Ana Merino on Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Video April/2010

Photo April/7/2019 update from Ana Merino: ” galguito RAMONCÍN waiting at the door of his little house ”

Photo Jan/23/2019 ” Little boy Ramoncín ”

Photo Dec/23/2018 RAMONCÍN, sweet little boy

Photo March/6/2019 Best friends MAGIC (on the left/ adopted ) and RAMONCIN ( on the right/ has to stay behind again… ”

Photo Feb/3/2019 ” MAGIC (dark-blue coat/ adopted ) and RAMONCIN (light-blue coat ) a perfect couple ”

Photo Nov/8/2018 ” Wonderful young boy ”

Photo Dec/14/2018 “SOKA ( dark-brindle , on the left/ adopted ) ENGIN ( Brindle &white / on the right) RAMONCÍN (In the back) ”

Photo Nov/25/2018 ” Best friends RAMONÍN and ESTRELLA (Black Galga/adopted) ESTRELLA is leaving in December/2018 , Ramoncín has to stay behind …

Ramoncin is an 1.5+ year young galgo (Born sept/2017) He arrived at Scooby on Aug/15/2018
Petite Ramoncin is an adorable, gentle little boy; can be a bit insecure with strange people, but curious; with familiar people sooo very sweet
He is social with the other dogs ; usually he looks for the company and protection of the other dogs (males and females) to make him feel more secure
A very handsome boy with the most gorgeous tenderlooking eyes
Ramoncín is very much in need of a Home ( with another dog or dogs ) to make him feel secure

Chip: 941000023192390
Location: Paddock 1
Color: Brindle
Height : small seize boy
Not traumatized
With female dogs***
With male dogs***