Kumo, male age 2.5+ (Born 9/2016) 11 months at Scooby (since July/2018) ( very much in need of a home) available

KUMO, lovely Sweetheart ; was run over, arrived with broken left-hind-leg; very well recuperated from the surgery ; very very sweet softhearted boy ; affectionate quiet gentle character; social, very good with the other dogs; very much in need of his forever loving Home after everything he had to go through…

Update June/16/2019 from Ana Merino: ” KUMO: shy with strangers, only with strangers ”

Update May/14/2019 from Ana Merino: handsome and big; happy, kind, lively, gentle…A really nice boy ! very playful and curious; always ready to join in a game or a race; always ready to have fun and amusement. He loves to be around other dogs; he is very sociable and outgoing. Not dominant at all; KUMO is a very good boy.. Maybe a bit shy the first day but affectionate and loving the second day! Polite, loyal and well mannered with people. Last summer( 2018) Scooby rescued him. He was run over by a car and arrived with a broken leg. Now, completely recovered, he is looking for his forever home!

Photo June/16/2019 update from Ana Merino : ” ” KUMO: shy with strangers, only with strangers ”

Video “KUMO and TAPON on the green blanket ” KUMO(red-brindle/ on the left) and TAPON (dark-brindle/on the right)


Photo April/24/2019 ” KUMOO arrived with a broken hind leg ; now very well recuperated ”

Photo April/24/2019 ” Wonderful boy ”

Photo April/21/2019 update from Ana Merino : ” KUMO looks like a statue, a perfect statue!

Photo April/2/2019 : ” KUMO, Handsome boy ”

Photo Feb/26/2019 “Sweetheart KUMO ”

Photo Feb/15/2019

Photo March/3/2019 ; ” BANDIDO ( on the left/ adopted in the USA May/2019) – XENA (on the right) – KUMO (in the front) sharing a carpet ”

photo Jan/9/2019 ” handsome sweet boy ”

Photo Nov/28/2018 ” KUMO is much happier now”


Photo Oct/14/2018 “Adorable, lovely, sweet boy”

When KUMO arrived on July/5/2018

KUMO is a 2.5+ year young Galgo (Born 9/7/2016) He came to Scooby on July/5/2018; from Cuellar
Kumo is an adorable, sweet boy with an affectionate, quiet, softhearted character. A very handsome boy, with his red-brindle coat
Kumo was picked up in Cuellar; He was run over and had a broken left-hind leg. His leg has been operated ; Now, he is very well recovered and can play again like all the other dogs (see photo Dec/12/2018)
Still, this boy is very much deserving of his loving Home after all he had to go through with his broken leg: the anxiety being run over, the pain, the surgery, the stress, the hospital, the recovery…
All he needs a loving forever Home now , to finally be a happy young boy.

Chip: 941000023192655
Location: Paddock 7-1A
Color: Red-Brindle
Not traumatized
With female dogs***
With male dogs***