!Moro ( chip 2185) male, age 6+ (Born 6/2012) (oldest Galgo) 6 months at Scooby (since Aug/2018) available

MORO, sweetheart; very loving boy with all people; good with the other dogs; lived a hard, difficult life; he is in urgent need of a comfortable loving Home at his age…

Photo Oct/7/2018   ” the face of  an Angel ”

Photo Dec/28/2018 MORO and AFRODITA ( on the left)

When MORO arrived at Scooby on Aug/1/2018

MORO is a 6+ year old Galgo (Born 6/10/2012) He came to Scooby on Aug/1/2018; From San Miguel del Pino (Valladolid)
When Moro arrived at Scooby he was  skinny and malnourished ; from the look of Moro he must have lived a difficult former life, Poor boy…
Moro is a sweet, loving boy to all people; He is very good with the other dogs
Shelter-life is hard on a senior , especially in winter; Moro is very much in need of a Home before the cold/freezing winter starts. He is so deserving of a warm soft coach to sleep on, after 6.5 years living a hard life

Chip: 981020009412185
Location: Paddock 1
Color: Black
Not Traumatized
With female dogs***
With male dogs***