! Saturnino, male, age 7- ( Born 1/2012) 11 months at Scooby (since Jan/2018) (Oldest Galgo ) available

SATURNINO, very forgotten boy; very sweet gentle, bit sensitive boy; good with the other dogs; Shelter-life is hard on Saturnino, he is very much in need of a Home before the cold / freezing winter starts

Photo Sept/16/2018 “adorable ”

Photo Aug/21/2018 “such a sweet face”

Photo Oct/18/2018 PIRATA (light brindle male, born 1/18/2015/ on the left) SATURNINO (in the middle)– HALEON ( black male, born 6/22/2014)

Photo Nov/8/2018 “CHOIVA – HALEÓN – SATURNINO – ARES – SALVA (in the back)

Photo Oct/9/2018 “RITA (female, born 7/10/2016, on the left) SATURNINO( on the right) ; ” a wonderful pair”

Saturnino is an almost 7 year old Galgo (Born January/1/2012) He came to Scooby on January/17/2018
Saturnino did have a difficult life; He came to Scooby from Peñaranda of Bracamonte (Salamanca), by court order.
Saturnino is a very forgotten, overseen boy.
And he is such a very sweet and loving boy with  sensitive, gentle character.
Saturnino is good with the other dogs and very handsome
Shelter-life is difficult on Saturnino (will be 7 years old in January/2019) and he is waiting already for a long time; Saturnino is very much in need of a Home

Chip: 941000023082113
color: Brindle
Location: paddock-4
Not Traumatized
With female dogs***
With male dogs***