! Pumba, Mix, male, age 10.5+ (Born 7/2008) 9 months at Scooby since July/2018, (urgent need)( included in the sponsor-program, see below) available

Pumba, very unfortunate boy; arrived in a very bad state, malnourished, very poorly cared for, neglected his whole life, poor boy…; at his age Pumba is in urgent need of a loving comfortable Home…


Photo April/10/2019

Photo feb/24/2019 update from Ana Merino : ” look at Pumba smile 😃! ”

Photo Jan/20/2019 “PUMBA, 10.5 years old , please take me Home …

Photo Jan/1/2019 update from Ana merino: ” Old PUMBA is becoming a loving boy ”

Photo Nov/25/2018 “Sweet PUMBA”

Photo march/12/2019 update from Ana merino : ” a wonderful group : AILEEN- PUMBA- TONKA-MIDAS ”

Photo Sept/27/2018 “What a difference since PUMBA came to Scooby; so much happier now ”

Photo Nov/4/2018 AILEEN- TONKA and PUMBA ( on the right) see how wonderful he looks !

Photo Aug/19/2018    “very much in need of a Home, Pumba has been neglected his whole life !

Pumba is a 10.5+ year old male, Mix-breed (Born 7/6/2018) He came to Scooby on June/26/2018, from Villamayor
Pumba was a very unfortunate boy; he arrived in a very bad state, very poorly cared for, very neglected and malnourished, poor boy… Now, he became so much happier.
Shelter-life is not the best place for a senior; Pumba is in urgent need of a Loving Home at his old age, before the wet/cold weather starts.

Update Feb/4/2019 From Ana merino: ” PUMBA, the grumpy old boy, the boss in paddock 8, the funny oldie. He is 10.5 years old but he looks a bit younger. He wants to play even if he is not much sure how to do it (probably nobody played with him before). Always alert and curious;he likes knowing everything what happens around him. Still a bit insecure with people;he looks at you from a distance,smells you and once he recognizes you his tail starts waggling and he comes to receive some attention and love. He is a flirty boy and he is always surrounded by his girlfriends who adore him.The other males respect him. PUMBA never had a real home; maybe someone wants to give him one

Chip: 941000023082146
Color: White
Breed: Mix
Location: Paddock 8-F
Socialized : –
Traumatized : –
With female dogs***
With male dogs***”

PUMBA is included in the sponsor-program
The Scooby adoption-fee for PUMBA will be sponsored for 50%
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