NUKA ❤️ female, age 4+ (Born 1/2016) 2 years at Scooby (since April/2018) (urgent need ) available

Gorgeous girl NUKA

NUKA on the left


Photo March/17/2019 update from Ana Merino : ” with me NUKA is very loving, always close to me. But it took her time…

Photo May/17/2019 : TUDOR (on the left/ reserved for GFNL/Holland ) and NUKA (on the right) arrived together from Murcia, same age, same color, look very much alike, probably brother and sister ; waiting already 13 loooong months in Scooby…”

Photo May/30/2019

Photo May/4/2019 “NUKA (on the left) and RON (on the right / adopted May/25/2019)

Video April/2019: NUKA, still shy but making big progresses

Photo April/5/2019 update from Ana Merino: ”  NUKA, shy with strange people”

Photo Feb/21/2019 update from Ana Merino : “NUKA , enjoying a sunny afternoon”

Photo March/16/2019 update from Ana merino : ” Good morning from FLECHA( adopted may/11/2019) – TUDOR ( reserved for Holland )- ESTEBAN( adopted)  and NUKA , still available…

NUKA,  between her friends

Photo Dec/23/2018 : NUKA

Photo Aug/29/2018 :  ” NUKA, gorgeous sweetie ”

Photo Sept/23/2018    4 Galgos from paddock-5     “FLECHA( adopted)- CAPRI (adopted)- NUKA( 2nd from the right/ still waiting …)SERENITO( adopted)  

Photo Sept/16/2018 :  CANDACE( on the left/ adopted) NUKA ( in the middle/ still available… )   CAPRI (on the right/ adopted)

Photo July/3/2018 Paddock-5 : “TUDOR (on the left/ Reserved for  Holland/GFNL ) and NUKA ” (came together from Murcia, same age, same color, look very much alike, probably brother and sister)

When  NUKA arrived at Scooby on April/7/2018


Nuka is a 4+ year old Galga (Born 1/1/2016) She arrived at Scooby on April/7/2018; from Mucia
She came together with Galgo TUDOR (maybe her brother ?)
A gorgeous sweetie;  a lovely, gentle girl; still a bit shy/insecure ( socialized** ) with strange people, but very loving with the people she knows and so very grateful for some love and cuddles
She is has a calm character and prefers to relax
Nuka is social and good with the other dogs
She is in urgent need of a loving Home ( not as an only dog)( preferably with her best friend/or brother TUDOR ) especially now TUDOR is reserved for Holland ,  NUKA has to stay behind alone…

Update Nov/7/2019 : NUKA was on hold from June-Nov 2019

Update April/22/2019 from Ana Merino :   ” Two weeks ago Scooby rescued a group of galgos from Murcia. Also last April. 1 female from last years rescue is still in Scooby: NUKA
NUKA was much, much scared of people when she arrived; it was imposible to come close to her. Now NUKA is still shy with strangers (but very curious);not at all with the people she knows. She has become an affectionate girl who follows you and looks for your hands to receive some love. NUKA is big and strong; a bit fatty I would say . She is not much active; she prefers to lie, rest and watch life quietly. I only see her running when food is coming! Sociable; she loves being with other dogs; she is a good and loyal friend. NUKA needs a home with an experienced person, another dog and, please, a big and comfortable sofa

Update March/17/2019 from Ana Merino : ” with me she is very loving, always close to me. But it took her time…

Chip: 981098106538774
Color: Brindle
Not traumatized
With female dogs***
with male dogs***
Location: Scooby / Medina Paddock-5