Nerea, German Shepherd, female, age 1.5- (Born 7/2017) 7 months at Scooby (since May/2018) available

NEREA, super sweet girl; loves all people, loves kids; loves all dogs; was run over,  therefore limping with left front-leg;
(photo Aug/21/2018 ” Sweet NEREA loves with kids ” )

Photo Nov/15/2018 on Nov/15 NEREA is taking a bath ! ”

Photo Dec/6/2018 “NEREA and RONI ( Male Mastin-X, born 9/6/2014”

Photo Oct/6/2018

Photo Oct/30/2018 NEREA and XIOMY (female German Shepherd, born 9/7/2014) are best friends

Photo Sept/19/2018

Photo Aug/23/2018 update from Ana Merino “NEREA loves the water (and we all love NEREA)”

NEREA:pure happiness!😍😍

Posted by Ana Merino on Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Video Aug/29/2018

Photo Aug/23/2018

Photo aug/21/2018 “NEREA happy with some attention”

Photo Aug/21/2018 “NEREA loves kids”

Video Aug/2018

Photo July/23/2018

Photo July/23/2018


Nerea is an almost 1.5 year young female German-Shepherd (Born 7/1/2017) She came to Scooby/garden on May/30/201; from Cuellar.
Nerea is a very affectionate and loving young girl to all people. Not traumatized. She is very happy and playful with all other female and male dogs***
She was found in Cuellar, run over!Therefore she is having a problem with her left front-leg and is limping with it, but she can run with it like the others.

Update Aug/13/2018 from Ana Merino: NEREA has just arrived to Scooby.She is not old or sad or traumatized, but she is in need….She was hit by a car and will probably have to lose one of her legs in time.
NEREA is the sweetest girl you can imagine;loving with people(she is a big hugger) and nice and kind with all the other dogs.She gets tired easily, but she loves running and playing with her friends. A shelter is not the right place for any dog but much less for a handicapped one. NEREA needs a home

Chip: 941000023082330
Location: Garden
Color: Black & Tan
Not traumatized
With female dogs***
With male dogs***
Chip: 941000023082330
Location: Garden