Jumpy, Pitbull, male, age 4- (Born 5/2016) 2 years at Scooby (since April/2018) ( urgent/ priority to leave the shelter !) available

Video August/2018

Video July/13/2019 “JUMPY & DODO ”

Photo Dec/26/2019: Poor Jumpy is feeling very sad now his best girlfriend Dodo  lives in a  Foster-home (  since Dec/2019)

Photo Dec/26/2019 : poor Jumpy is grieving over  losing his best girlfriend Dodo , who lives in a Foster-home now (since Dec/2019)

Photo Dec/26/2019 : poor Jumpy…all allone

Photo Dec/26/2019 : poor Jumpy …feels a lot of sadness… his girlfriend Dodo, lives in a Foster-Home now ( since dec/2019)…he is in urgent need of a ( Foster)-Home too !

Photo Aug/19/2019 update from Ana merino :  ” love these 2 ”  JUMPY ( brown) and  DODO ( white/ lives in a foster-home since Dec/2019)

Photo June/29/2019 update from Ana Merino : ” sharing kisses with JUMPY

Photo July/27/2019  “JUMPY( brown) and his best friend DODO( white/ foster-home since Dec/2019)  ❤️were INSEPARABLE❤️, but now DODO has left for his Foster-Home , JUMPY had to stay behind…alone

Photo March/7/2019 update from Ana merino: ” JUMPY asking for some attention today… ”

Photo May/23/2019 :  JUMPY ( on the left) and DODO( on the right/ foster-home since Dec/2019) both are  included in the Sponsor-Program (see below) ”

Photo May-4-2019 update from Ana Merino: JUMPY and DODO( white/ foster-homesinse Dec/2019) “The married couple”

Photo April/23/2019 ” Adorable sweetheart ”

Photo April/2/2019 :  DODO (white/Foster-home)since Dec/2019 and JUMPY( brown) are forever friends (both  included in the Sponsor-Program/see below)

photo Feb/16/2019 update from Ana merino : ” Good boy Jumpy

Photo Dec/6/2018 update from Ana merino : ” a bit sad Jumpy , you can see it in his eyes: he is not happy… ”


Photo Jan/1/2019 :  “DODO (white/ Foster-home ) and JUMPY( on the right) were best friends ”

Photo Nov/15/2018   :  JUMPY( brown) and DODO (white/Foster-home since Dec/2019) Jumpy is out of the quarantine-kennel and is living together with DODO now (in paddock 7-7)they are already new best friends

Photo Nov/23/2018 ” Dodo ( white/ Foster-home since Dec/2019) and Jumpy say good morning to you from Scooby and they ask you please 🙏 share their photo to see if someone gives them a family with which to share all their love 💞 ”
More information about them by sending an email to seguimientos@scoobymedina.org
More information by sending an email to seguimientos@scoobymedina.org

Poor poor Boy…

Video August/2018

Poor JUMPY, so very lonely…

Photo June/10/2018 :  “Poor Jumpy is very unhappy in the Quarantine-kennel”



Jumpy, feeling lonely in his kennel; is becomming a very well mannared boy

JUMPY,  so affectionate

JUMPY, so loyal

JUMPY, so handsome

Photo Aug/12/2018 update from Ana Merino : “Jumpy, such a handsome and loyal boy”

JUMPY, so very loving

JUMPY, such a sweetie


JUMPY is an almost 4 year old Pitbull, boy ( Born 5/7/2016) He arrived at Scooby on April/16/2018; from Sieteiglesias de Tormes (Salamanca)
Sad boy, but super sweetie; most loving boy; very sweet, sensitive, affectionate to all people, loves cuddles and attention.
A very noble and loyal, intelligent, social, very obedient boy who always wants to please you
He used to live together with his best girl-friend DODO; JUMPY & DODO were ❤️INSEPARABLE❤️ But now DODO has left to his Foster-Home( since Dec/3/2019 ) , JUMPY had to stay behind…which makes him very sad
He walks well on the leash ; is active and playful; just a very good boy
Jumpy is  in very urgent need of a Home ( preferably together with DODO who lives in a  Foster-Home,  but still available  for adoption)


Update Feb/4/2020 : Animals also have friends, a special connections between them, just like between people. There are  dogs  at Scooby like JUMPY  that lately have suffered the loss of their dearest companion, with whom they spent all their time with; played and slept together. We feel very sorry for them, and that’s why we want to draw attention to them again. Their adoption is complicated by the fact that they’re PPP and therefore need a licence, but they are perfect dogs; sociable, good and affectionate. Please let’s help JUMPY find his familie!
Yumpy was Dodo’s soulmate ;  the two were inseparable.
A loving family would help JUMPY find joy once again.
please send an email to  :  internationaladoptions@scoobymedina.org

Update Dec/26/2019 Jumpy 💔, many of you will know him because he was Dodo’s inseparable friend (the white dog with Leishmania who has recently gone to a foster home). We’re all very happy for Dodo because she was weak and needed a home to recover, but now poor Jumpy has been feeling very lonely. He’s always been a very well behaved dog, he’s lovely and affectionate. He’s 3 years old and spent half his life already in the shelter. He shared a paddock with both male and female dogs, even with strong and somewhat over energetic ones, but he has never given us any trouble. It’s now his turn to go out into the world and have a family who takes care of him and loves him. He really deserves it. For someone who takes him for walks and plays with him he will be a wonderful companion, there is no doubt about that.
Info : acogidacachorros@gmail.com
Info : seguimientos@scoobymedina.org

Update Dec/3/2019 : JUMPY is in very urgent need of a ( foster)-Home too; his best friend DODO has left the shelter today for a Foster-Home; poor JUMPY has to stay behind…alone

Update April/12/2019 from Ana Merino : “JUMPY and DODO. Always together; best forever friends .
DODO, the girl , is already 7 years old; JUMPY, is just 3 years old. They are the most loving dogs and both have been in Scooby for more than 1 year. Nobody will give them a home…

Update Nov/4/2018 : JUMPY is a 2-year-old pit-bull that appeared in a village in Salamanca. Jumpy is, in many aspects, the ideal dog: handsome, obedient, active, loyal, fun, affectionate, playful, … He only has one “defect”! He is to be classified as a Potentially Hazardous Dog, which makes his adoption complicated . For those who do not know the subject, a PPP does not imply that the dog is aggressive or that it has behavioral problems, it is only a law created with the purpose of stigmatizing certain races, without ethological basis.
If you are a person without prejudice and you have fallen in love with our Potentially PERFECT Dog or you want to inform yourself more about this topic, please contact us.

Update Aug/22/2018 from Ana Merino : JUMPY is a young Pitbull( just 2 years old ), full of energy,life and love to share.
Very active and impulsive; but also obedient and sensitive. He will do anything to please you, to make you happy and proud of him. Intelligent and noble, strong and sturdy;JUMPY is the perfect companion!
He arrived to Scooby on April/16/2018. We don´t want to wait more months or one year to make a special post for him. Life can be hard here and JUMPY needs to leave

Chip: 941000022804610
Breed : Pittbul
Color: light-Brown and white
Not Traumatized
With female dogs*** (Living with a female dog)
With male dogs: ?
With cats: Not tested (on request)
Location: Scooby / Medina Paddock 7-5

For more info and adoption 📧 : internationaladoptions@scoobymedina.org
Más información y contacto 📧 : seguimientos@scoobymedina.org