Fendt, Male , age 5.5 (Born 5/2013) 10 months at Scooby since April/2018, available

Fendt, wonderful boy; very gentle calm loving character; a little insecure at first, but very affectionate when he knows you; social and good with the other dogs

Photo Jan/20/2019 ” wonderful, sweet boy Fendt ”

Photo Aug/10/2018

Photo Oct/9/2018 “YAMCHA (on the left, black male, born 6/2016) and FENDT (on the right) both are waiting for their forever Home




When Fendt arrived at Scooby on April/18/2018

Fendt is a 5.5 year old Galgo (Born 5/6/2013) He came to Scooby on April/18/2018 ; from Nava Asunción (Segovia)
Fendt is a wonderful handsome, calm, loving boy. He is a little insecure at first, but  he loves to get some attention and  loves to be cuddled . He is good with the other dogs.
Fendt is  the oldest  Black Galgo at Scooby;   hoping for a chance on happiness in a loving forever Home
Not Traumatized
With female dogs***
With male Dogs***
Location : PADDOCK-3F