Bienve, male, age 3.5 (Born 9/2015) 13 months at Scooby ( since Feb/2018) available

Bienve, sweetheart ; very gentle calm soft character; adorable face ; very grateful for some love and cuddles; social and good with the other dogs

Photo feb/27/2019 update from Ana merino: ‘ BIENVE asking for a kiss ”

Photo Feb/16/2019 ” (was on hold since Sept/2018, now Feb/2019 available again)

photo Aug/21/2018  “Adorable face  ”

BIENVE (on the left) with his best friend TORRENT (on the right/ adopted) BIENVE has to stay behind


Bienve is a 3.5 year old Galgo (Born Sept/7/2015) He came to Scooby on February/2/2018; from Peñaranada de Bracamonte.
Was brought in and left by the Galguero; not useful anymore…From the look of him (so skinny) he was not very well cared for…poor boy
And Bienve is such an adorable, sweet, loving boy ; with a very calm, quiet, gentle, soft character;she is so very grateful for some love and cuddles.
Bienve is a very handsome boy with his most adorable ears
He is very much deserving of a loving Home ( Bienve is 1 out of 4 “Most Forgotten Galgos “)

Chip: 900176000137886
Not Traumatized
With female dogs***
With male Dogs***
Height: 70-75 cm
Location: Paddock 4-F