Aengus, Mastin-X, male, age 1.5 (Born oct/2017) 17 months at Scooby (since nov/2017) (urgent need) available

AENGUS, sweet but shy boy; his sister is adopted (aug/4/2018) Aengus had to stay behind… ! he is in urgent need of a Home; good with all females and male dogs
Update April/8/2019 from Ana Merino: ” AENGUS arrived at Scooby when he was just a 1 month old puppy (Nov/2017)
AENGUS is very scared of people. He feels happy with other dogs, he feels happy when you come into his paddock but if you come close …Then he starts barking and runs away; he is just frightened! He arrived with a sister, as terrified as him. But she was lucky and found a home. She is doing much, much better so we know AENGUS can also do it. But he needs another miracle! Let´s hope for it!

Posted by Ana Merino on Monday, April 8, 2019

Photo April/2/2019 : ” Aengus, big and still scared… ”

Photo march/3/2019 update from Ana Merino: ” Aengus waiting since November 2017…perfect with other dogs; scared of people ”

Photo Jan/26/2019 update from Ana Merino: ” shy but very,very curious big AENGUS ”

Photo Dec/25/2018 Update from Ana merino: “Aengus coming closer and closer”

Photo Dec/6/2018 “Big, shy, very handsome boy”

Photo Sept/18/2018 “Big shy boy”

Photo Oct/7/2018 AENGUS and Galgo CAMPEÓN ( adopted )

Aengus is a 1.5 year young Mastin-X male (Born Oct/3/2017) He arrived at Scooby on November/1/2017
Aengus is a sweet boy, but a shy boy
Aengus came together with his full sister (now JINNY / adopted into her forever Home on Aug/4/ 2018) they were together their whole life! poor shy Aengus stays behind !
Aengus is very much in need of a Home too, for him it is extra difficult in the shelter now all alone…

Chip: 981020000348784
Location: Scoobys new Garden
With female dogs***
With male Dogs***