Aengus, Mastin-X, male, age 1+ (Born oct/2017) 15months at Scooby (since nov/2017) in urgent need, available

AENGUS, sweet but shy boy; his sister is adopted (aug/4/2018) Aengus had to stay behind… ! he is in urgent need of a Home; good with all females and male dogs

Photo Jan/26/2019 update from Ana Merino: ” shy but very,very curious big AENGUS ”

Photo Dec/25/2018 Update from Ana merino: “Aengus coming closer and closer”

Photo Dec/6/2018 “Big, shy, very handsome boy”

Photo Sept/18/2018 “Big shy boy”

Photo Oct/7/2018 AENGUS and CAMPEƓN (galgo, male, born 11/21/2014 )

Aengus is a 1+ year young Mastin-X male (Born Oct/3/2017) He came to Scooby on November/1/2017
Aengus is a sweet boy, but a shy boy
Aengus came together with his full sister (now JINNY / adopted into her forever Home on Aug/4/ 2018) they were together their whole life! poor shy Aengus stays behind !
Aengus is very much in need of a Home too, for him it is extra difficult in the shelter now all alone…

Chip: 981020000348784
Location: Scoobys new Garden
With female dogs***
With male Dogs***