#Zaimón, Mastin, male, age 3.5- (Born 2/2017) 2 years+9 months at Scooby (since Oct/2017) ( urgent need ) ( Sponsor-Dog 🍀 ) available

ZAIMON, ” wonderful boy ”

Perimetro 10… un chico grande con mucho amor que dar y que sigue esperando alguien quiera jugar con élPerimeter 10 … a big boy with a lot of love to give and still waiting for someone to play with him

Posted by Interaccionando con los residentes de Scooby on Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Video Oct/23/2019 : in Perimeter 10 … a big boy with a lot of love to give and still waiting for someone to play with him

Video July/10/2019

Photo Aug/25/2019   ” ZAIMON ( on the left) and ( FRIEDA / adopted dec/2019)  wants to go Home so very much too ! …

Photo July/27/2019 update from Ana Merino : “ZAIMÓN (on the left ) and FRIEDA (adopted/ on the right) want to go Home, so very much…please

ZAIMON    “super loving boy; giving big hugs and kisses to Ana Merino ”

Photo May/16/2019 :     ” ZAIMON ( on the left ) FRIEDA ( in the middle/ adopted Dec/2019)  IKATZ ( on the right/adopted June/2019)

Photo April/21/2019 ” FRIEDA ( on the left/ adopted) and ZAIMON( on the right) with a volunteer from Holland

Photo Jan/16/2019 update from Ana Merino: ” ZAIMON, beautiful eyes, beautiful boy ”

ZAIMON ( on the left)  and FRIEDA ( on the right/ adopted Dec/2019)

Photo Dec/9/2018   “ZAIMON, curious boy ”

Photo Sept/23/2018 update from Ana Merino: “ZAIMON,  Beautiful boy”

Photo Sept/2/2018  ” ZAIMON, sweet boy; waiting in Scooby since Oct/2017

ZAIMON, wants to go Home… so very much

Photo Aug/4/2018 ” ZAIMON, Beautiful eyes ”


Photo July/1/2018      IKTAZ (on the left/ adopted June 2019) and ZAIMON (on the right/still available… )

IKATZ( on the left/ adopted June/2019) and ZAIMON ( on the right)

IKATZ ( on the left/ adopted June 2019) and ZAIMON ( on the right) had to stay behind

ZAIMON( on the left)  and IKATZ ( adopted June 2019 )

ZAIMÓN arrived at Scooby as an only 8 months young puppy



ZAIMÓN is an almost 3.5 year young Mastin, boy (Born Feb/7/2017) He arrived at Scooby on October/10/2017
He came as an only an 8 months young puppy, now, after all those years, he became an “invisable long Forgotten” boy
Zaimon is a big sweet, super loving boy; very affectionate and calm ; he adores people; loves to give kisses ; Not traumatized at all
He walks good on the leash, knows basic commands ( like “sit”and “follow”)  and is super obedient
A very handsome boy
He lives on the Scooby -Perimeter, he is social and good with the other dogs ( he prefers to live with females ) loves to run and play with his friends ( his best friends FRIEDA and IKATZ are already adopted )
ZAIMÓN is very much in need of a forever loving Home, it has been too long for him waiting in the shelter

Update July/9/2019 from Ana Merino: ” ZAIMÓN, big mastin boy. He has a wonderful temperament: always happy, always eager to be with people and always ready to play with his friends, female friends. Clever and obedient. When you arrive at his paddock he needs to show his happiness with some big hugs, but after that he relaxes, sits when you tell him and then he follows you for a walk. He is active, a bit nervous and needs to run and play. He likes living with females; with males not so much… ZAIMON arrived at Scooby when he was not even one year old. Now he is all grown up into a wonderful big boy, but ZAIMON is still behaving like a big puppy! and this big puppy is looking for a home….! please

Chip: 981020000348358
Breed: Mastin
Male / castrated
Color: light- Brown and black
Height: 65 cm
Not Traumatized
With female dogs***
With male dogs***
Location: Scooby / Perimeter-3


ZAIMÓN is added to the Sponsor-Program 🍀
The “Scooby-adoption-fee” ( € 150,-) will be paid by the Sponsor-Program ( directly to Scooby) if ZAIMÓN gets adopted
For more info about the Sponsor-program please send an email to Brigitte: holthuizen2@kpnplanet.nl ( English, Spanish, German, Dutch )


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