Totto, female, age 4.5 (Born 5/2014) 10 months at Scooby ( since Feb/2018) in urgent need, available

Sweetheart Totto, in her sad eyes the reflection of her difficult past ; sweet loving, petite, bit insecure girl; but so very grateful for some cuddles and attention; shelter-life is stressful on her; good on the leash; Cattest: showed NO interest in cats ; very much in need of a Home.

Photo Dec/2/2018 update Ana Merino: “beautiful galga TOTTO ”

Photo Nov/15/2018 update Ana Merino: “Loving Galga ”

Photo Oct/7/2018 “Sweet, adorable, Loving TOTTO”

Photo Aug/25/2018

Photo Oct/23/2018 “PANDORA( female, born 9/29/2016, on the left) and TOTTO (on the right )

photo Oct/15/2018 “The October nights are getting cold, TOTTO- ESTRELLA – BANDIDO – RAMÓN , keeping each-other warm


Mora ( Black/ born 25/01/2015) ) – Maxi (in the back) – Aldeana ( Black& white/ adopted) and Totto (on the right)

Totto is a 4 year young Galga (Born 5/5/2014) she came to Scooby on Feb/9/2018
Petite Totto is a very sweet, gentle, bit insecure girl.
Petite Totto has a sad gaze in her eyes,it’s the reflection of her difficult life; her past is unknown, but you can see the signs it has left on her … Totto is a bit insecure and intimidated by all that surrounds her in the busy shelter. She keeps quiet in her basket a lot. Totto approaches discreetly and waits with an attitude of resignation.
Totto is good on the leash. With cats, she showed No interest.
For Totto, it would be so much better being in a loving Home, where she can feel safe. This sweet little girl is very much in need of a Home

Update September/2018 :Totto’s eyes kept the melancholy of the last few months. When she understands that she can trust you, than she loves the hugs and caresses. In the paddock she coexists serenely with her companions, but sometimes she isolates herself from the group. The life of Totto entering the shelter has not been easy for her. Certainly, a calm and homely environment could help her to leave her past behind.

Chip: 981020000348804
Location: Paddock 1
Color: Brindle
With female dogs***
With male dogs***
Heigt : 61 cm
Cattest : Showed No interested in the cats