Rubio, Pitbull, male, age 5.5 (Born 5/2013) more than 3 years at Scooby/fosterhome (since Oct/2015) available

Rubio, long Forgotten boy; half blind, lives a normal life; good with female dogs, not so good with male dogs; very loving with all people; in need of a forever Home



Rubio is a 5.5 year old Pittbul male (Born 5/2013) forgotten boy. He came to Scooby/Fosterhome on October/31/2015. He arrived from Zamora.
Rubio is half blind because he had moquillo (virus) it has affected a part of the intestines and stomach. He needs special food.
Rubio is not so good with male dogs ; but very good with female dogs; he is not traumatized. Rubio lives a normal life and is a super loving dog. In need of his own forever Home and family.

Chip: 981020011233819
Location: Foster Home
Color: Brown
Traumatized: No
With female dogs***
With male dogs *
With cats***
With small children**