Rambo, german shepherd-X, male, age 4.5+ (Born 3/2015) 2 years + 1 month at Scooby ( since Dec/2017)( 🍀sponsor-dog) available

Photo Nov/19/2019 : We dont know why Rambo arrived with his broken jaw; maybe he got beaten before they abandoned him, but it does not affect him in the slightest, he is friendly, loves to play with people and other dogs.

Rambo is a 4.5+ year old German Shepherd-Mix, boy ( Born 3/3/2015) He arrived at Scooby on December/1/2017
From the look of Rambo he must lived a hard/difficult life before
Rambo is a very unfortunate , sad boy. He arrived with a deformed jaw, maybe he was hit by a car or kicked in his face on the street…, we do not know. He is not in pain, it just makes him look special. with his wonderful sweet face
And despite the unworthy hard life he lived, Rambo still has a happy character (a survivor) He is a very loving and affectionate, just loves all people
But he does not like other dogs so much (who knows, maybe something very bad happened to him with some other dogs ) Poor boy…
Despite of rather being the only dog at home and his handicap, which was never his fault, it would not be fair to lett him stay in the shelterfor the rest of his life …, he also deserves the love of a loving family and a forever Home
Who will give this sweetheart a chance on happyness..please

Update Nov/19/2019 : We dont know why Rambo came with a broken jaw ; maybe he got beaten before they abandoned him, but it does not affect him in the slightest, he is friendly, loves to play with people and other dogs.

Update May/9/2019 Rambo is the typical dog that will never find a family or a real home… He is 4 years old and has already spent with us for 1.5 years We do not know anything about his past life, but we intuit that it should not have been easy (when we picked him up, his jaw was already deformed). But it is not just his age, size or physical appearance that will prevent Rambo from being happy… He is a very affectionate dog that loves people, but he does not like the company of other dogs, and very few people understand that a dog can have such a character and therefore do not want to share their life with them. We do not give up and we will do everything possible so that our boy can enjoy life outside the shelter, but for that we need you to help us share Rambo, so that the largest number of people can see it and he does not lose the opportunity to have a home.
ℹ️ seguimientos@scoobymedina.org

Chip: 250269606006211
Breed: German- Shepherd- mix
Color: Black and brown
Not traumatized
With female dogs*
With male dogs *
Location: Scooby /Garden ( Palencia) Quarantine-1

RAMBO is included in the sponsor-program
The “Scooby Adoption Fee”  ( € 150,- ) for RAMBO will be sponsored for 100% ( directly to Scooby)   if RAMBO gets adopted
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