Punta, Mix, male, age 4.5- ( Born 1/2015) 3.5 years at Scooby (since Dec/2015) available

Punta, still a bit shy boy but trying very hard to grow his confidence; with familiar people from the shelter he is already making good progress; He is very very good with the other dogs; beautiful smart boy; very much in need of a Home

Photo Jan/7/2019

Photo Oct/9/2018 “waiting for someone to take him home… almost 3 years now, so sad…

Photo Dec/4/2018 “PIN ( American-Stafford, female, born 10/2015) and PUNTA ”

Photo July/1/2018 “ PUNTA, still wearing his wintercoat,  and CIRO

PUNTA with his friends CIRO and CICIO

For PUNTA Shelter-life, between walls, has been too long, he is curious and is ready to see the rest of the world

PUNTA wants to go HOME


Punta is an almost 4.5 year old Mix-breed, boy (Born 1/1/2015) He arrived at Scooby on Dec/7/2015
Punta is a shy boy, but with familiar people from the shelter he is making good progress. He is very good with the other dogs
Punta is a very handsome smart boy, and he is trying hard very to trust people, but he needs some time to grow his confidence, and learn that he not going to get hurt anymore! His confidence will grow so much faster in a loving calm Home environment.
Punta is very much in need of a Home. Who will give wonderful boy a chance to have a life outside the shelter

Chip: no
Location: Paddock 4-A
Color: Light Brown & black
With female dogs***
With male dogs***

Update 2/2018 : Punta has improved a lot since he has arrived. He gets happy when he sees people. He even jumps on me (a Scooby volunteer) and eats from my hand. But as soon as I try to touch him he runs away at those moments it is not possible to touch him, he gets very nervous and stressed and barks at you. He does not walk on the lead… that terrifies him!
Although the volunteers interact with the dogs daily, a loving Home would make a world of difference for Punta…. Punta is not going to get much better in a shelter environment, he is very much in need a experienced calm loving Home where he can learn to trust people.