Melo, Mastin-X, male, age 3.5+ (Born 6/2015) 2+ years at Scooby (since Dec/2016) available

MELO, good socialized***; not traumatized; big soft boy; too long in the shelter; he does not want to live in a kennel anymore; wonderful sweet boy in need of a Home

MELO at Scooby Palencia, the  poor boy  does not want to live in a kennel anymore… He wants to go home…

Melo is a 3.5+ year young , Mastin-X, male (Born 6/22/2015) A Forgotten boy. He came to Scooby/ Palencia on December/15/2016.
Melo is a wonderful sweet boy,  but Melo has been in the Shelter  for more than half his life !  but he does not want to live in a kennel anymore , he needs a Home…
Update from Scooby /Palencia : ” Melo is a big (very big) puppy, but oh so soft and handsome!

Chip: 981020009161639
Location: Scooby /Palencia
Breed: Mastin-X
Color: light Brown
Not Traumatized
With female dogs***
With male dogs*