Macotero, Pondenco-X, male, age 2 (Born 12/2016) 13 months at Scooby (since Nov/2017) available

Macotero, loving loyal smart boy; adores people, very eager to please; too long in the Shelter ! in need of a Home

Photo Aug/21/2018 Update from Ana Merino “MACOTERO prefers to stay inside the doghouse”

Photo July/25/2018 “This is how some of our dogs fight the heat, digging a hole and getting into it. We hope that MACOTERO can spend his next summer in a comfortable home.

Photo July/9/2018 “Macotero is looking for some sweeties”

Photo July/13/2018 MACOTERO ( in the back) and BETHO (Mastin, Male, born 6/6/2017)

Macotero is a 2 year young male, Podenco-X (Born 12/2016) he came to Scooby on November/ 13/2017; From Macotera (Salamanca).
Macotero is a very loyal loving, smart boy. He adores people and is eager to please you and learn from you.
He is lively and playful. He is independent but he can live with other dogs.
Who will give Macotero a chance on a life outside the Shelter and he will be the most loyal friend for life.

Chip: 981020000348491
Location: Paddock 4-C
Not Traumatized
With female dogs***
With male dogs***
Height : medium size