Lambiena, Podenca , female, age 5 (Born 12/2013) 1 year at Scooby ( since Dec/2017) in need , available

Lambiena, shy podenca girl; sweet girl; needs time to thrust people; good with the other dogs; very much in need of a Home
Photo Sept/30/2018

Photo Oct/30/2018 “LAMBIENA does not come inside, she stays outside in the mud and Rain, poor girl…in urgent need of a Home”

Photo sept/30/2018

Photo Sept/2/2018 “Shy LAMBIENA is becoming a bit (just a bit) more affectionate”

Photo Aug/15/2018 update from Ana Merino : “LAMBIENA, so shy she won´t even look at you… ”



When LAMBIENA arrived at Scooby on Dec/4/2017

Lambiena is a 5 year old female Podenca (Born 12/2013) She came to Scooby on December/4/2017; From Santa Marta de Tormes (Salamanca)
Lambiena is very shy girl; The poor girl needs time to learn that not all people are bad.
She is a very handsome rough haired sweet girl.Good with the other dogs.
For Lambiena it would be so much better being in a calm loving Home, instead of a busy shelter, where she could feel safe and loved.

Chip: 981020000348552
Location: Paddock 7-1A
Color: red-Brown
Traumatized *
With female dogs***
With male dogs***
Height : 50-55 cm