Danko, mastin, male, age 2 ( Born Dec/20/2017) 2 years at Scooby (since Dec/27/2017) available

Photo July/15/2019 Update Ana Merino: ” perfect size! DANKO in the mini swimming pool

Photo June/24/2019 update from Ana Merino : “MINKY( on the left) and DANKO (on the right) a pretty couple ”

Photo May/26/ 2019 : ” DANKO” ( in the front) – MINKYOSIBYLAMBIENA ( in the back/fosterhome in Holland)

Video May/1/2019

Photo April/9/2019 update Ana Merino: ” DANKO, big, shy boy ”

Photo April/19/2019 :¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†” Galgo MERLIN( on the left) – little OSITO – big DANKO – rough-haired MINKY( in the right) ”

Photo Jan/28/2019 ” DANKO has become a big boy now ”

Photo March/3/2019 :  littel OSITO (on the left) Рbig boy DANKO (in the middle) Рrough -haired MINKY ( on the right)

Photo Sept/16/2018¬† ¬†“Wonderful DANKO ”

DANKOCELESTECANICAPETETEZEUSSHEINA when they arrived at Scooby (on Dec/27/2017) 6 little puppies with their mommy

DANKO is a 2 year young Mastin, boy (Born Dec/20/2017 ) He arrived at Scooby on Dec/27/2017 ; from Alba de Tormes
Danko came to Scooby as a 1 week young puppy; Together with his 5 brothers and sisters : PETETE-ZEUS-CANICA-CELESTE and ( SHEINA / past away)
When he arrived he was a shy boy, but now, Danko is a sweet, loving boy, the most daring and expressive dog in the group ; as soon as you enter the paddock, he will greet you with a big hug !
Social and playful with the other dogs
He has been waiting his whole life in the shelter; Danko is very much in need and deserving of a forerver loving Home

Update May/1/2019 : “DANKO, a big-boned mastin ( mast√≠n grandull√≥n ) the most daring and expressive dog in the group. As soon as you enter the paddock, he will greet you with a big hug.

Update Jan/29/2019 from Ana Merino:¬† “DANKO arrived at Scooby (on Dec/27/2017) together with his brother and sisters : PETETE-ZEUS-CELESTE-CANICA and SHEINA when they had just been born.¬† Now they are big boys and girls;¬† a bit timid and insecure with people but friendly with the other dogs.
DANKO needs a home!

Chip: 981020000348744
Breed : Mastin ( mastín grandullón )
Color: Light-Brown
Location: paddock 3-G
Not Traumatized
With female dogs***
With male dogs***

For more information e-mail to : seguimientos@scoobymedina.org
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