Chema, male, age 3.5 (Born 4/2015) 9 months at Scooby (since march/2018) urgent / priority to leave the shelter, available

CHEMA, sweet angel; very calm loving gentle innocent boy; lived a hard life of mistreat before… in urgent need of a loving warm Home

Photo Aug/6/2018 “Finally a bath to clean his coat ! poor angel …”

Photo Nov/1/2018 update Ana merino : “some days his leg (old fracture) still hurts… ”

Photo Dec/2/2018 CHEMA and PERLA (Black female, born 6/15/2015)

Photo July/17/2018

Photo Aug/17/2018 “CHEMA and AFRODITA (Female, German-Shepperd-X, born 5/9/2014)”

When CHEMA just arrived at Scooby on March/11/2018

Chema is a 3.5 year young Galgo (Born 4/2/2015) He came to Scooby on March/11/2018
Chema is a very sweet, loving, gentle, calm angel; but from the looks of Chema, the poor boy must have lived a very difficult life of mistreat before…!
Chema arrived with an old fracture in his right hind-leg, and sometimes it still hurts…(cold/wet winter weather). Chema is very much in need of a warm home, a comfortable Home with a soft sofa to sleep on, shelter-life with the rainy and cold/freezing days and not very comfortable places to sleep is not good for Chema.

Chip: 981098106533391
Location: Paddock 7-5
Color: White
Arrival Date: Mar 11, 2018
Not traumatized
With female dogs***
With male dogs***