Celeste, Mastin, female, age 1.5 (Born Dec/20/2017) 1.5 year at Scooby ( since Dec/27/2017)( in need ) available

Celeste, sweet girl ; a bit timid/insecure ; good with the other dogs; arrived as a 1 week old puppy ; in the shelter her whole life… Celeste needs a Home

Photo May/30/2019      “It is too hot , we are in need of Doggy-pools to cool of …)

Photo April/27/2019

Photo Jan/28/2019

Photo Dec/23/2018 “CELESTE wants to go HOME…”

photo Oct/16/2018 Timid big girl

CELESTE – CANICA – SHEINA- PETETE – DANKO when they arrived at Scooby (on Dec/27/2017) as little ( 1 week old) puppies with their mummy

Celeste is an almost 1.5 year young female Mastin ( Born Dec/20/2017) She came to Scooby on December/27/2017
Celeste arrived together with her brothers and sisters (as only 1 week old puppies): DANKO, PETETE, CANICA and (SHEINA/ past away); from Alba de Tormes
Celeste is a sweet girl, a bit timid/insecure girl
social and good with the other dogs.
She has been in the shelter her whole life…she is very much in need of a Home

Update Jan/29/2019 from Ana Merino: “Shy mastins in need…”
CELESTE arrived at Scooby (On December/27/2017) with her brothers and sisters : DANKO, PETETE, CANICA and SHEINA , when they had just been born.
Now, they are big boys and girls; a bit timid and insecure with people but friendly with the other dogs.
CELESTE needs a home!

Chip: 981020000348745
Location: Paddock 3-E
Color: Brindle
Socialized **
With female dogs***
With male dogs***

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