! Sveta, Mix, female, age 8.5 (Born 5/2010) 8 months at Scooby (since April/2018) in need, available

Sveta, loving sweet affectionate happy older girl; loves to relax, but loves running with her ball too( see video); at her age Sveta is very much in need of a Home before the wet/cold winter starts
Update Nov/21/2018 💗 SVETA 💗
Have you seen such a sweet face?
This old happy girl loves playing with the ball, it would be so great if she would find a home where she could be loved and cared the rest of her life, she deserve it so much.
she is a clever and loving girl, sometimes a little grumpy with the others because she wants the cuddles for herself (but who would not get grumpy if you have to share 5 min of affection with 10 other dogs).. we do not give up sweetie , we are waiting for your turn to be adopted.🙏

Video Nov/28/2018 ” see this clever girl : “Sveta, take the green ball”😄

photo Nov/21/2018

Posted by Protectora y Santuario Scooby on Thursday, November 22, 2018

Photo Oct/23/2018 Who wants to play with me ?

Photo Aug/21/2018

Photo Oct/12/2018 GORDITO (mix male,age 14.5/ born 3/2004, on the left) BOOMER( Mastin, male, born 12/2/2017, in the middle) SVETA (on the right)

Photo Sept/21/2018 CIRO(on the left) – DOG CHIP… 2115 _ SVETA( on the right)

Photo July/8/2018 “Sveta at her age loves to play with her ball”

SVETA ( on the right) and old SARY (middle)

Photo June/19/2018 “Sveta loves to relax on the couch”


Sveta is an 8.5- year Golden Oldie female, Mix (Born 5/9/2010) She came to Scooby on April/11/2018
Sveta is a loving, sweet, affectionate girl; She is smart, clever,obedient and loyal.
she can be calm and loves to relax on the couch, but also playful and adores running with her ball.
She is good with the other dogs, just a bit protective of his food, with other dogs.
Shelter-life is hard, especially on older dogs. At her age of 8.5, Sveta is very much in need of a loving, warm Home, before the wet/cold winter starts

Chip: 941000022804445
Location: Garden
Color: Brown
Not Traumatized
With female dogs***
With male dogs***