Saturno , male, age 1.5+ year (Born May/2017) 16 months at Scooby (since Oct/2017)( almost his whole life in the shelter) available

SATURNO, darling boy; brother to JOHNNY; recuperated very well; now very happy for attention, love and lots of cuddles; good with the other dogs***; good with small children*** ; good with Cats***; in need of a loving Home ( 1 of the 5 “Last Forgotten Galgos from 2017 “)

Now, already so much improved


DUENDE (Red-brindle / on the left/adopted) SATURNO (Dark-Brindle /in the middle) JOHNNY (Light-Brindle / on the right)

DUENDE (Red-Brindle/on the left/adopted) SATURNO ( Dark-Brindle /in the middle) and JOHNNY (Light-Brindle /on the right)

3 puppy/ brothers : JOHNNY,…, SATURNO, DUENDE)


Saturno is a 1.5+ year young Galgo ( Born May/1/2017) He came to Scooby/Residencia on October/4/2017.
Saturno is one of the 4 shy puppy- brothers who where saved by Scooby from the Perrera municipal, Valladolid ( SATURNO, JOHNNY, DOMINIQUE and (DUENDE/already adopted).
When he arrived he was a shy boy but he has recuperated very well ; now Darling Saturno has become a very sweet, loving, affectionate boy who loves to get attention and lots of cuddles.
Good with all other dogs***. Good with Cats*** . Good with small children***
Saturno has spend most of his young life in the Shelter, so sad…he is very much deserving of a forever Home, finally

Age: 05/01/2017
Sex: male
Chip: 941000021587729
Location:Scooby /Residencia
Breed: Galgo
Color: Dark brindle
Arrival Date: Oct/04/2017
Traumatized **
With female dogs***
With male dogs***
With Cats***
With small children***