Satur (I) male, age 2.5 (Born 5/2016) 13 months at Scooby ( since Nov/2017)( very much in need of a home) available

Dearest Satur , very unhappy boy; very overseen ; a bit insecure at first but very sweet, loving, affectionate; so very grateful for some love, poor boy…; very good with the other dogs; good on the leash, just a wonderful boy!

” very unhappy in the kennel ” (SATUR, on the left, with the pink collar)

“very Sweet boy”

“Social boy”  ( SATUR on the left with pink collar )

“Pretty Boy”

“Smart boy”

“Please take me Home”

Satur is a 2.5 year young Galgo ( Born 5/4/2016) A long Forgotten boy. He came to Scooby/Residencia on November/8/2017.
Satur was left by his galguero because he was not good for hunting, as the man said, but he is very good for a lot of other things!
He is a little insecure at first, but that will change quickly when he knows you, than he is very sweet, loving and affectionate.
Satur walks very well on the leash, Not pulling; he is social and playful with other dogs.
Satur is a long Forgotten boy; he is 1 out of 5 “Most Forgotten Galgo black Beauties in the shelter.
Satur is also a very handsome, very pretty boy with his deep black shiny coat
Satur wants to go Home to his loving family so very very much, he is waiting already more than 1 year in a kennel behind bars . Please, give this sweet boy a chance on happiness; He is such a wonderful boy.

Not traumatized
With female dogs***
With male dogs***