! Pon, American Stafford, male, age 3 ( Born 8/2015) more than 2 years at Scooby (since Aug/2016) (included in the sponsor program/ see below)In urgent need of a Home , available

PON, sad boy; super SWEETIE; very happy boy, loves all people ; just wants to kiss you all day long; it’s getting too long in the Shelter now; very much in need of a Home ( Preferably together with Galgo VILLI, see below) update from Ana merino : PON is sad(more than 2 years here…)😪

Photo Nov/28/2018 Update from Ana Merino : PON is sad (more than 2 years here…)😪


PON and Galga  “VILLI” (female, Born 1/2015) very best friends

PON and galga VILLI, inseperable

Photo Oct/16/2018 PON and Galga VILLI ( Born 1/2015)

Photo July/12/2018 ” Ana Merino and PON ”

Photo Oct/21/2018 “please, who wants to take me Home…, I am more than 2 years waiting in the shelter ”

Photo Aug/21/2018 update from Ana Merino : “PON, 2 long, long years in Scooby…”

photo July/21/2018 “PON is a long forgotten boy, for a smart boy like him it is hard being in the Shelter for so long, he wants to go Home to his forever family, it has been 2 years now since he came ”

Photo Sept/16/2018

Photo June/21/2018 “Playful Pon”

video : “Pon playing with Ana” one of the rare moments that Ana distracts him from kissing by bringing a toy; Look at his happy tail!

Photo June/7/2018 : “2 super cuties ! PON ( on the left) and PIN ( on the right) ”

Pon is a 3 year young American Stafford boy (Born 8/2015) he came to Scooby in Aug/2016; from Cuellar.
PON came together with his girlfriend PIN ( American Stafford /girl /born 10/2015)
PON is a long forgotten boy; he is at Scooby for most of his life now; already living in the kennel for 2 years now, so very sad…
Pon is so very loving, affectionate and smart, if you enter his kennel he will never stop kissing you, he never wants to let go you; he is so sad when you leave his kennel. Pon is so very much in need of love and attention, poor boy, it is heartbreaking to see how desperately he would like to go Home to his forever family.
Pon is good with all dogs, could sometimes be a bit dominant with male dogs.
Pon will never stop kissing you if you will be his loving forever family.

Chip: 981020009601523
Location:Paddock 7-8
Color: Brindle & white
Not Traumatized
With female dogs***
With male dogs***