Pin ( black/ on the right) American Stafford, female, age 3.5 (Born 10/2015) 2 years and 10 months at Scooby (since Aug/2016) in urgent need of a Home PIN&PON together included in the sponsor-program/see below) available

PIN, sooo very cute ; adorable sweetheart; super loving sweet affectionate; loves to give kisses all the time; just loves all people; good with the other dogs; desperately in need of a Home ; Heartbreakingly sad… being in a kennel for so long ( arrived together with PON / American Stafford / male / born 8/2015)

Photo June/7/2019 Beautiful, sweet PIN is still waiting…almost 3 years now

Photo May/9/2019 ” PIN is still waiting for her forever Home… ”

Photo March/15/2019 Ana Merino with PIN (Black) & PON (brindle) 2 super sweet American Staffords

Photo June/7/2018 : “2 super cuties ! PON( on the left) and PIN( on the right) always together”

Quien tiene un amigo tiene un tesoro…Pin y Gastón 💛💙 (Los dos están en adopción)’s got a friend has a treasure…Pin & Gaston 💙💛( both are for adoption)

Posted by Protectora y Santuario Scooby on Sunday, April 7, 2019

Video April/2019 “PIN and GASTÓN (chip 5803, mix-breed, male,born 3/1/2016)

Photo May/9/2019

Photo April/25/2019

Photo March/15/2019 updte from Ana merino: ” PIN is soooooo cute!! ”

photo Jan/9/2019

Photo Feb/15/2019 update from Ana Merino: ” PIN, more than 2 years here…( since aug/2016) ”

Photo Oct/14/2018

Photo Dec/4/2018 “PIN and PUNTA (female, Mix, born 1/2015, arrived at Scooby on Dec/2015)

Photo Sept/9/2018

Photo Aug/7/2018 ” PIN soooo very happy in his XL- pool ”

Photo Aug/6/2018 ” PIN looking for the shadow! Toooooooo hot!!! ” Wait till tomorrow, and you will have a pool to cool off a bit”

Photo July/1/2018 “Sweetheart”

Pin is a 3.5 year young American-Stafford, girl (Born Oct/2015) She came to Scooby in August/2016, from Cuellar
Pin arrived together with ( Pon/American Stafford /male/ same age ) PIN and PON are best friends, they are always together.
Pin is a long forgotten girl, she is already living most of her life in the shelter; in her concrete kennel for more than 23 months now, so very sad………
Pin is such an adorable girl, loves all people; so very sweet and very affectionate; If you enter her kennel she does not want you to go, and kisses you all the time. It is heartbreaking sad to see her like that, waiting and waiting in the kennel for some love………..
Pin is very good with the other dogs. She is just a Wonderful girl who is desperately in need of a Home
Pin would so very much love to go Home to her forever loving family, please give her a chance

Update May/21/2019 “THE DRAMA OF THE PPP (Potentially Dangerous Dogs) ”
What a sad reality that these poor dogs have to suffer. Their size, strength, sometimes even their appearance and the prejudices towards them make life so difficult with them that almost nobody dares to adopt them ..
Dumped by youngsters who want to look like tough guys, but after a while get tired of them or people who use them for profit in illegal dog fights, dogs stolen for those same purposes, they appear all over Spain debilitated and with a broken soul.
Despite their appearance they are very often good and loving …
Why nobody deals with this sad reality? Why nobody seems to care?
Animals condemned to death or to spending their whole life behind bars. Some might get lucky, but they are the minority and all the shelters and dog pounds in Spain are overflowing with them, because they have no way out.
Recently we have been in touch with other shelters to find out how they were managing this problem, and the answer was always the same; there is no solution, unless it comes from above in the form of proper legislation.
Society must become aware of this reality. Perhaps the most sensible at this point would be to prohibit breeding as it has already been done in other countries. At present we are very disheartened by this issue and we know that we are not the only ones.

Update Dec/29/2018 from Scooby : PIN, A beautiful girl who doesn’t give up..
Waiting for more than 2 years, a 3 years old baby, she is so lovely and playful, she enjoys so much any cuddle…, but there are some things making it difficult for her…
The main big one she is cataloged as PPP with so many prejudices it includes in it, second one she is bit dominant with other females, and the third one is her color, even it can sound like a joke its true the black animals are mostly longer in the shelter.
Don’t you think, after watching her video, she deserves to have an opportunity? ( )
Don’t you also think there must be a family in which she can fit in?

Chip: 981020009594279
Age: 10/2015
Breed: American Stafford
Color: Black
Location: Paddock 4-A
Arrival Date: Aug 16, 2016
Not traumatized
With female dogs***
With male dogs***

PIN and PON are both included in the sponsor-program
The “Scooby- Adoption-Fee” for 1 dog will be sponsored for 100 %, if PIN and PON are adopted together (directly to Scooby )(not to the organisation)
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