Pandora ( Sacha) Pitbull-Mix , female, age 5 (Born 2/2014) 3 years at Scooby ( since March/2016) Included in the sponsor-program ( see below) available

Pandora, super sweet loving affectionate happy girl; playful with the other dogs, can be a bit dominant with them; loves all people


Pandora is a 5 year old Pitbull-X , girl (Born 2/2014) She came to Scooby/Palencia on March/8/2016, together with her puppy.
Pandora was thrown of a moving truck, on the Zamora-Benavente highway, with her puppy ( Moka). The passengers of a bus raised alarm.
Moka, her puppy, was adopted soon, but Pandora is still waiting in her kennel ! Poor Pandora has gone through a very hard time after being literally thrown away and also had to stay all by herself in the kennel after her pup was adopted.
The years pass and PANDORA sees how her life disappears between the bars of a concrete kennel until one day a family decides to change that. They adopted her and she lived with them for two wonderful months, but our girl was not compatible with the house cat and has been returned to the shelter ! You can only imagine how this felt for poor Pandora ? PANDORA has been waiting for a miracle for many years now, and we are not going to give up until we see her being happy.
Pandora is such a super sweet, handsome, affectionate, loving girl; She is playful with the other dogs (can sometimes be a little dominant with them). Loves all people.
Perhaps because of her race, perhaps because of her color, she became one of our beloved invisible dogs.
Now, after all those years waiting in her kennel, she is desperately in need of a loving Home. Please do think about her if you are thinking on adopting. Please give her a chance, do not leave her in the kennel for the rest of her life just because of her breed, because she deserves a chance of a life outside the kennel very much !

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Chip: 953000010230929
Location: Scooby/Palenci
Color: Black & White
Not Traumatized***
With female dogs**
With male dogs***

PANDORA is included in the sponsor-program
The adoption-fee will be sponsored for 100 %
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