Loki, Mastin, male, age 6.5 (Born 5/2012) 22 months years at Scooby ( since April/2017) very much in need of a Home , available

Loki, sweet boy; bit timid/insecure , lived in a Forrest, very much in need of a Home

Photo Jan/13/2019 ” Loki wants to play ”

Photo Aug/19/2018 update from Ana merino : “strong,big and stunning LOKI”

Photo June/21/2018 LOKI ( on the right) and FRANCESA (on the left/ female/ born 12/2014 ) are best friends and always together in the perimeter


Loki is a 6.5 year old Mastin male (Born 5/2012) A Forgotten dog; he Came to Scooby/Perimeter in April/2017.
Loki arrived with Thor( Mastin / born 5/2012) and 2 puppies, brother and sister Hansel (Mastin-mix) and Gretel (Mastin-Mix). All 4 were living in the forest next to a village of Zamora.
Loki is a bit shy older boy, he is living together, with his girlfriend Francesa, in Scooby’s Perimeter
Loki is very much in need of a Home after being a long time in the shelter.

Age: 5/2012
Sex: male/castrated
Chip: 981020000221198
Location: Scooby/Perimeter
Breed: Mastin
Color: Black & White
Arrival Date: Apr/27/2017
With female dogs***
With male dogs***