Juanita ❤️🍀(Galga-x ) female, age 7+ (oldest Galga-x) ( Born 2013) ( Most “forgotten” Galga -x) 4 years + 2 months at Scooby/Residencia (since Jan/2016)( urgent / priority to leave the shelter) available

Juanita is a 7+ year old Galga-Mix, girl (Born 2013) She arrived at Scooby/Residencia ( Valladolid) on January/10/2016; from Tomelloso, Castilla la Mancha.
Poor sweet Juanita is Scoobys most Forgotten Galga-x, she is already in the shelter for 3 years+7months (half of her life) so terribly sad…
Arrived in a vary bad condition, very neglegted
She is very sweet and nice, good with most dogs, good on the leash and loves being cuddled. She is not scared at all.
Juanita is just a loving girl who is very much in need of a loving Home; Please give her a chance on a life in a forever, warm, comfortable Home; do not leave her behind in the shelter for life ! After all she is just as wonderful, sweet and loving like all the others; and so very much in need like all the others… please

Update June/2019: Juanita can be the sweetest both with people and other dogs. But she will bark at them if she doesn´t like them. Very playful, never bites or fights. She is a good watch dog. It would maybe better for her to be the only dog at home

Update sept/11/2019 from Scooby /Residencia : Juanita is already many years here in Scooby. She is a galgo-mix and not so breathtaking pretty, she is also a bit of a bitch, she likes to show everybody that she is in charge but never starts a fight, only growls a bit. But for people she really is adorable, loves cuddles and being with them all the time. We really want her to find a family who will love her and care for her, preferably with no other dogs although she also may like having a dogfriend around because here she has always lived with other dogs and never problems, just a bit growling.

Chip: 981020011222892
Location: Scooby/Residencia ( Valladolid)
Color: Black & White
NOT Traumatized
With female dogs***
With male dogs***

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